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Within these pages you'll find a collection of oddities, both the characters and the stories they propagate. Tales from preternatural beings both good and evil, whispers of arcane absurdities twisting logic to their own ends, tragedies of regular people gutted by misfortune and swept along without even a grain of hope for change. Sense is lost and normalcy is abandoned as the players cling to their twisted role, no more privy to it than you or I, but once the dance has begun there's no stopping it. Every misstep and every achievement, played out all for the joy, or even dismay, of those who look on.

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welcome to varyel


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As we launch our new website, we're eager to share some information about us and the world.

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FAQ - frequently asked...


in Astral Forge

A compilation of answers to frequently asked questions.

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Hard fantasy explained


in Astral Forge

A simple guide to understanding the concept of hard and soft fantasy genres. 


Our latest project is directed at mature audience who enjoys character-driven fantasy stories with realistic notes. We're working on a collection of webtoons, the first of them being Memories of Crow. They will be available for free on the popular webtoon platforms, with extra pages available for our supporters (more on that issue here) via Patreon and Subscribe Star.

Chronicles of Underfell

Chronicles of Underfell is the first series introduced to take place in Varyel Universe, revolving around the country of Merv√®, the capital city of which is Underfell. Although considered a tropical paradise and a destination for tourists from across Athalla, the country isn't free from strife, as political conflicts escalate and a new danger looms on the horizon.

Memories of Crow

Memories of Crow is a story about Vix, a mysterious dark elf, who wakes up after a traumatic event with physio-arcane injuries and amnesia. As he tries to figure out a way to restore his memories, he is challenged by his past self and takes a slow path to redefining humanity and its core values, while re-discovering the world from a different lifepath.