fanart Policy

Permission is granted to create derivative works inspired by the characters and content copyrighted by Varyel, as long as below conditions are met:

You're required to credit us in a visible manner, and where applicable link back to this page ( or the page of our artist. Failure to do so strips you of any right to share the content you provide and may result in a DCMA claim.
no Logo
You're not allowed to use, modify or display our logo in any way, unless given a written permission from the staff.
respect of ideas
You're required to respect our ideas and ideology as they're written. That includes respecting character's gender, race, ethnicity, identity, sexuality and orientation. They have been created with special care, and all decisions were made consciously, with regards to the character story and background, of which not all may be publicly available at any time.
We strive for highly realistic accuracy and consistency in our designs. If you're creating fan works that ignore this style (eg. characters reimagined in modern era), you're required to state it's your stylization. This way you get all the credit for your idea, and we get the one for ours.
free for all
By creating a fan work inspired by our content you're not allowed to charge money for it, either directly or through paywalls or subscriptions.
If your content is NSFW and you're having problems sharing it publicly due to restrictions made by third-party service provides, you can contact us via Discord to find a common ground.